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FY-1 Empty Pallet Return Device

A Warehousing
Material Handling Solution

The FY-1 Empty Pallet Return was developed by FY Industries. Developed for employees to handle heavy and awkward pallets much easier and safer. It allows the worker to easily stack up to 7 pallets into the pallet staging area and then letting The FY-1 Empty Pallet Return do the rest.

FY Industries FY-1 Empty Pallet Return

We were approached by a distribution warehouse group to help with their high injury rates. Specifically injuries nationwide were associated with manually stacking empty pallets in their multilevel pallet flow pick modules. From this need came FY Industries FY-1 Empty Pallet Return.


Safety is always a concern in the workplace, manually stacking pallets becomes very strenuous on the mind and body. The FY-1 allows for a safer work environment. By incorporating the FY-1 into your process you will eliminate the lifting of heavy pallets.

Efficient Stacking

The FY-1 allows you to safely stack pallets. Therefore employees will be able to stack pallets up to 7 high with minimal lifting or bodily strain. Besides that other benefits include ease of pallet stack removal for lift truck operators.

Minimize Injury

By loading the empty pallets on end, the center of gravity stays close to the employees body. In typical past installations the pallets have to be loaded horizontally away from the body causing serious injury. Injuries such as muscle strains, joint dislocations and lacerations.


FY Industries has an installation team available to install the FY-1 for safe and top quality installation. The FY-1 also can be installed by the do it yourself individuals with the easy to follow installation videos.


FY Industries has the capability of custom designing the pallet return device to fit your application. Left or right handed, various widths, manual, air or electric options to fit your specifications.

Work Environment

Proper stacking, less fatigue on the worker will result in a more efficient work process and promoting a safer more productive work environment.

Solving a Industry Problem
The FYI Way


Let The FY-1 Empty pallet Return do the rest!

Many More Benefits

The basic premise for the unit is to safely stack pallets up to 7 high with minimal lifting or bodily strain. Because of this many secondary benefits were quickly realized by the end users once the FY-1 was added to their pick modules.
After the initial testing a national warehousing customer ordered 84 units and vowed to retrofit their remaining warehouses as soon as possible. The pallets are stacked much straighter and more orderly than ever before. A better process that ensures a safer, more efficient and productive process.

What they are saying about the FYI Pallet Tipper!

FY Industries has developed a product that hands down will benefit all aspects of the work process when handling pallets within our facilities. Less time worrying about safety and injury claims and more on productivity.

Fy Industries FY-1

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